What We Do

GoaGPRS focuses on several initiatives that combine action and education:

The GoaGPRS Rescue Centre was set up to provide aid for stray animals that require medical attention or are lost or abandoned. Rescued animals are housed in a safe environment where they can get the treatment and care required until they are ready for release or we can find a permanent caring alternative.

In addition we permanently house senior dogs who can no longer care for themselves. Some of these permanent residents are sponsored by caring individuals, while others may need permanent accommodations because of physical disabilities such as deafness, partial blindness or amputated limbs. Learn more about it here.

GoaGPRS has an Outreach Programme where we can provide onsite treatment for animals with non-life threatening conditions which require medical attention.  These animals remain in their own environment while our volunteers make regular visits to administer medical care.

The LEARN Centre is focused on educating children about kindness to each other, the environment and animals. The initiative involves creating holistic education programmes and delivering them in schools around South Goa. Teaching the next generation about kindness and compassion are the starting blocks in our movement for change. Read more about it here.