About Us

Grace Kare, President
Radhika Wakharkar, Secretary
Tracie Patterson, Admissions & Services Administrator
Vicki Lalwani, Animal Care Supervisor

Our Story

GoaGPRS was founded in 2013 by 5 individuals interested in improving the condition of animals in South Goa, India. Our name in Sanskrit is Gomantak Pashu Rakshak Sanstha, which means Goa’s Animal Protectors. Our Trustees have nearly three decades of combined hands experience working with animal welfare NGO’s in Goa and internationally. The trust is registered in Goa and has IT-80G status, providing tax benefits to donors. Our shelter facility is privately owned, and we do not receive funds from the state or central government. We raise our operating funds through sponsorships and donations, providing medical care, and through the generosity of the general public.

Dr. Anjali Noronha, MVSc(Surgery)

Dr. Anjali has been the GoaGPRS’s Veterinary Surgeon since its start in 2013.  She performs our surgeries and oversees all medical care of admitted patients and permanent residents.

Bidur Katri is our Medical Assistant and staff supervisor. He has over 15 years of hands on experience in animal care.