GoaGPRS Animal Care Centre

In 2014 our founding trustees purchased the land to be used as the GoaGPRS Care Centre.  It took about 4 years to complete all the infrastructure over three plots totalling around 1,500 sq. mtrs. The shelter is divided into specific areas, such as surgery and recovery, treatment, kenneling, isolation, and permanent stay sections.  At any one time, we have around 70 animals onsite. Around 45 of them stay with us permanently, and the rest are either recovering from surgery or under treatment. Our animals are never kept in cages. They live in groups, imitating small dog packs. Only surgery cases are in cages, and most of the treatment animals recuperate in our kennel runs.


Home for our Golden Oldies

Our permanent senior residents range in age from about 9 to 14 years old. Most of them have some difficulty and cannot live on the streets or have lost their homes. Most were found ill and abandoned, needing treatment or long term care.  We refer to them as our Goldies.

Our seniors live in a separate area from the younger dogs since they need a peaceful environment, a set routine, and daily monitoring. We have a once a month “spa” day, where nails are cut, ears and paws are checked, and any evaluation needed can be identified.  Also, once a week our care centre veterinarian conducts a round to identify any possible health issues. 

Spay/Neuter & Surgical Procedures

GoaGPRS conducts surgical procedures on a weekly basis. Once a week we operate up to 10 dogs and cats for animal birth control (ABC).  In addition, we perform specialized surgeries, such as tumour removal or amputations on a scheduled basis.

Our spay/neuter programme is unique in Goa.  We charge one inclusive price that covers transportation, surgery, recovery, and vaccination.  The pet usually stays on average 4 days until fully recovered.  The pet owner is not required to medicate or transport the animal.  The program is set up for dogs and cats and only for about a 40 km radius in South Goa.

For more information, please call:  +91 9075110346 or +91 7720890457


Medical Treatment

Animals requiring medical treatment usually come in with broken bones, hair problems, or serious illnesses. Admitted cases are given as long as needed to fully recover.  

Most will be released back to their owner or concerned rescuer to be returned to their original site.  A few may be adopted. And a handful that cannot return to the streets will join our permanent residents.