Animal Care Centre

Providing short term medical care for pets and a permanent home for seniors and dogs with disabilities

Home for Seniors and Dogs with Disabilities

Permanent residence for Golden Oldies and dogs with disabilities


Complete package for dogs and cats, including transport, surgery, after care, vaccination and kenneling. ALL IN ONE INCLUSIVE PRICE

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for appointment

Medical Treatment

Short term care for injured dogs or cats, or pets with a treatable medical problem

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Short and Long Term Kenneling

Kenneling Facilities for pets while the owner is away

Call or Whatsapp message +91 7720890457

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Our facility has at least 70 animals at any one time. The majority live on the premises because they are seniors with disabilities or have lost their homes.
Others have disabilities like a lost leg, hearing impaired, poor eyesight, or behavioral problems. Some animals are in for a temporary period while healing from surgery, injuries or disease.

GoaGPRS Marketplace

All proceeds are used for rescues and treatment of dogs in need

Select from one-of-a-kind handmade toys, greeting cards, and dog accessories as a thank you from GoaGPRS for your donation.  Every donation contributes to funding our rescue programmes and supporting our Golden Oldies.

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We are a small group dedicated to animal welfare and working to improve conditions for animals in South Goa.

What Our Clients Say:

"Very supportive staff who genuinely care for animals. They took really good care of my rescue puppy."
Andrea Lopes
"One of the best places for your pets, where they are vaccinated and taken care of for any treatments required. Here pets are taken good care of until they are fit and fine with a minimum price and free transportation."
Anuradha Sanbhag
"Rescued animals are housed in a safe environment where they can get the treatment and care required until they are ready for release."
Liston Pinto